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Events with fireworks


Events with fireworks

This advice is intended for displays held at University premises on or around the officially recognised dates within the UK. The Fireworks Act 2003 and the Fireworks Regulations 2004 require greater levels of control than previously on the use of fireworks. This reflects the large increase in complaints from the public relating to noise, neighbourhood safety and general nuisance from fireworks. Please see Fireworks the law


For all firework displays on university land, a competent display operator should be engaged. They should have sufficient knowledge, training and experience to set up the display, operate correctly and clear up after the event. If you are thinking of holding an event with fireworks please ensure you are able to meet the advice available in Working together on firework displays


Event notification process

The university has a process in place to control events held on university premises. This is to ensure that each event is properly planned and managed by ensuring that a risk assessment is completed, and suitable control measures are in place by the organiser. The event notification process is managed by the Events Team and it should be noted, the event notification form and risk assessment should be submitted a minimum of 28 days before the event. Please see Code of Practice 33:- Event Management and the online Guide to Planning Your Event (Events Guide - University of Reading).

The process is applicable to any event with fireworks planned to be held on university grounds.


Please see our Fireworks safety at home advice if you are thinking of holding a firework display at home