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Omofolawe Otun

Areas of interest

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Soil microorganisms
  • Soil Chemistry

Research centres and groups

Environmental Science Research Division

Research projects

The effect of intercropping on soil health

My research aims to understand the effect of intercropping on soil health. Intercropping is an ancient agricultural practise which allows sustainable and efficient land use, while also   increasing the quantity of crops that can be produced per piece of land. Asides, from these advantages intercropping could also have a positive effect on soil health by increasing the microbial community, preventing soil diseases, and enhancing soil nutrient efficiency use among many others.

This project aims to understand the various ways and mechanisms through which intercropping can improve the health of soil and understand the best crop combination to achieve maximum impact.


Professor Tom Sizmur (University of Reading)

Professor Liz Shaw (University of Reading)

Professor John Hammond (University of Reading)


I hold a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Ibadan (Nigeria), a master’s degree in analytical chemistry from the same university and an MSc (with distinction) in Environmental Pollution from the university of Reading. My MSc dissertation studied the use of cocoa pod husk as an alternative to inorganic NPK fertilizers used by cocoa farmers in Ghana.
I have a special interest in science education and I currently serve as the vice president at JUCE Africa (Juvenile Career Education) to empower and improve the future of African children with career exposure and mentorship.
While studying part-time as a PhD student at the university of Reading, I work full time as a university lecturer in Nigeria.


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