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Dr William Mills

Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the “Seabirds as monitors of marine pollution in the Faroe Islands” project.

Areas of interest

  • Animal ecology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Applications of stable isotope analysis in ecology
  • Ecology and conservation of seabirds


Dr William Mills joined the Department of Geography and Environmental Science in April 2022. He is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant working with Dr Stuart Black on the “Seabirds as monitors of marine pollution in the Faroe Islands” project, funded by the Faroe Research Council. Prior to joining the Department, William worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Higher Predators & Conservation group of the British Antarctic Survey’s Ecosystems programme, where his research focused on long-term trends in pollutant exposure to albatrosses and petrels. He also completed his PhD thesis at the British Antarctic Survey on the “Trophic ecology and mercury contamination of seabird communities in the Southern Ocean”. He has an MSc from the University of Oxford and a BSc (Hons) from the University of Warwick. Follow William on Twitter (@WF_Mills) and visit his ResearchGate and Google Scholar profiles for up-to-date publications.

Academic qualifications

PhD (University of Exeter & British Antarctic Survey)

MSc (University of Oxford)

BSc (Hons) (University of Warwick)

Selected publications

Ibañez, A.E., Mills, W.F., Bustamante, P., McGill, R.A.R., Morales, L.M., Palacio, F.X., Torres, D.S., Haidr, N.S., Mariano-Jelicich, R. and Montalti, D. (2022) Variation in blood mercury concentrations in brown skuas (Stercorarius antarcticus) is related to trophic ecology but not breeding success or adult body condition. Marine Pollution Bulletin 181, 113919.

Mills, W.F., Ibañez, A.E., Bustamante, P., Carneiro, A.P.B., Bearhop, S., Cherel, Y., Mariano-Jelicich, R., McGill, R.A.R., Montalti, D., Votier, S.C. and Phillips, R.A. (2022) Spatial and sex differences in mercury contamination of skuas in the Southern Ocean. Environmental Pollution 297, 118841.

Mills, W.F., McGill, R.A.R., Cherel, Y., Votier, S.C. and Phillips, R.A. (2021) Stable isotopes demonstrate intraspecific variation in habitat use and trophic level of non‐breeding albatrosses. Ibis 163, 463-472.

Mills, W.F., Morley, T.I., Votier, S.C. and Phillips, R.A. (2021) Long-term inter-and intraspecific dietary variation in sibling seabird species. Marine Biology 168, 31.

Mills, W.F., Bustamante, P., McGill, R.A.R., Anderson, O.R.J., Bearhop, S., Cherel, Y., Votier, S.C. and Phillips, R.A. (2020) Mercury exposure in an endangered seabird: long-term changes and relationships with trophic ecology and breeding success. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287, 20202683.

Mills, W.F., Xavier, J.C., Bearhop, S., Cherel, Y., Votier, S.C., Waluda, C.M. and Phillips, R.A. (2020) Long-term trends in albatross diets in relation to prey availability and breeding success. Marine Biology 167, 29.


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