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Cassie Moore's journey in the field of public health has been a remarkable one of continuous growth and impactful contributions. Starting from her formative years at the University of Reading, Cassie has navigated a diverse career path that showcases the versatility and importance of public health professionals.

Cassie’s passion for public heath began during her undergraduate studies in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Reading, during her first lecture on the Public Health module. The lecturer began by describing how the simple message of washing hands after using the toilet had a huge impact on improving the health of the population. "I thought, 'Oh, that's public health,' and something just clicked," she explained. She realised that this was what she wanted to do—to promote health to the public and make a positive impact on the population’s health.

After her degree at Reading Cassie embarked on a master's programme in Nutrition for Global Health. During her master’s, Cassie was able to build on the solid foundation in research methodologies, including statistical analysis using tools like R she had gained at Reading. This knowledge proved invaluable as she dived into a substantial data analysis research project that unexpectedly led to her first role in public health as a public health analyst. "It wasn't something I had envisioned for myself. Statistics wasn’t my strongest subject when studying. It's interesting how this ended up becoming my first job—I'm now an analyst."

One of Cassie's early projects involved analysing data from the National Childhood Measurement Programme, a significant nutritional surveillance initiative in the UK. Her ability to interpret and derive insights from complex data sets demonstrated the practical application of her education.

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, Cassie found herself at the forefront of public health efforts. She played a pivotal role in designing emergency food parcels for multiple London boroughs, showcasing her adaptability and dedication to addressing pressing health crises.

Cassie's career continued to evolve, and she transitioned into a more strategic role within public health. Her analytical skills, honed during her education, remained an essential part of her toolkit. In addition to her strategic responsibilities, Cassie also took on a part-time role as a Research Practitioner, working closely with local government initiatives. Here, her research skills, instilled during her education, came into play as she contributed to evidence-based decision-making.

One of the remarkable aspects of Cassie's career is the breadth of topics she has been able to explore within the field of public health. Her work extends beyond nutrition to encompass issues like obesity, physical activity, long term conditions and social prescribing. This diversity underscores the expansive scope of public health and the multifaceted skills required to excel in this field.

Cassie's journey serves as a testament to the value of a well-rounded education and its practical application in real-world situations. Her experiences demonstrate that even areas of challenge during one's academic journey can transform into strengths when applied in the right context. Her story is an inspiration to aspiring public health professionals, emphasising the importance of adaptability, analytical thinking, and a commitment to evidence-based practices in making a meaningful impact on public health.