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Atefeh Amiri Rigi

Atefeh Amiri Rigi
  • Teaching in the department and with international partners
  • Supervising undergraduate and graduate students



Building location

Harry Nursten

Areas of interest

My research interests lie at the intersection of food structure design, reformulation, and processing, aiming to contribute to sustainable and healthy food systems of the future. The main aim is to develop novel food products with enhanced nutritional and functional properties through advanced food structure design and delivery systems. I am interested in using innovative techniques in food science to optimise ingredient functionality, refine key processing parameters and reduce resource consumption. My ultimate goal is to advance industrial food processing principles and develop technologies that enable manufacturers to produce high-quality, healthy, and safe foods efficiently, with minimal resource use and waste.

Research Focus Areas

  • Exploring the design of food structures at the nano- and micro-scales to improve the stability and bioavailability of bioactive compounds.
  • Investigating the physical and chemical properties and rheological behaviour of food systems to optimise texture and functionality.
  • Developing and reformulating food products to meet specific dietary requirements and sustainability goals.


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