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Dr Qiaofen Cheng
Job Title:
International Student Tutor

Teaching in the department and international partner

Managing international links and recruiting international students

Supervising PhD, MSc and BSc students
Areas of Interest:

Developing healthy meat products (salt substitution and fat replacement)

Meat processing technology

Sensory sensitivity and brain function
Research groups / Centres:
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Cheng, Q.F. & Sun, D.-W. (2005). Application of PLSR in correlating physical and chemical properties of pork ham with different cooling methods. Meat Science, 70(4), 691-698.

Cheng, Q.F., Sun, D.-W. & Scannell, A.G.M. (2005). Feasibility of water cooking for pork ham processing as compared with traditional dry and wet air cooking methods. Journal of Food Engineering, 67(4), 427-433.
BSc in Food Science, Hebei Agricultural University, P.R.China
MSc Food Science, Nanjing Agricultural University, P.R. China
PhD Biosystems Engineering, University College Dublin, Ireland

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+44 (0) 118 378 8719
Food and Nutritional Sciences 2-52

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