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Use of editorial and proof-reading services

Students who feel that they need assistance in writing appropriate English should, in the first instance, seek guidance from their School, which should discuss with the student his or her difficulties. Where appropriate, the student should be referred to the University's Study Advisers, who can advise on structuring and writing academically. The Study Advisers cannot proof-read or provide support for English as a Second Language.

Students who use software for assistance with proof-reading or with editing their work, or who seek assistance with proof-reading or with editing from third parties, should be alert to the major risks associated with such intervention, including the distortion of intended meaning and the failure to use technical terms appropriately.

Students are warned that any use of third party proof-reading or editing services must not compromise their authorship of the work submitted, and, in particular, that the substance of work must remain the student's own. Students are also warned that they will be held responsible for work which they submit, and that the use of third party services will not be accepted in mitigation of any deficiencies in the work.

The use of any third party proof-reading or editing must be acknowledged in a written statement accompanying the work on submission.

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