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Anna Stanisz-Lubowiecka

Areas of interest

Anna specialises in the study of language and politics. In particular, her research focuses on language ideologies in political and professional linguistic discourse and on discursive expressions of political ideologies. Her research methods include Critical Discourse Analysis, rhetorical analysis, interviews, and focus groups. Her research is interdisciplinary. Beyond academia, she is a poetry translator.

Anna received her PhD in Sociolinguistics from University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies. Anna’s PhD thesis, funded by the AHRC, was entitled 'The Polish Language and Political Ideologies, Language Ideologies in Polish Professional Metalinguistic Discourse since 1970' and looked at how Polish linguists and other scholars of language supported or challenged specific visions of socio-political order by relying on language ideologies in their professional discourse. 


Currently, Anna teaches the following modules:

  • LS3IC/LSMIC: Intercultural Communication
  • LS1TAL: Techniques and Skills in Applied Linguistics
  • LSMPAL: Academic Practices in Applied Linguistics

She also supervises MA dissertations.

Other activities involve:


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