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Kexin Zhao in front of a building

Kexin Zhao studied as an undergraduate on the BSc Business Economics and Trade joint degree offered in partnership with Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST). She is enjoying a thriving career at NASDAQ China Financial Centre and points to her time at Reading as pivotal to her success.

Growing up in a strong business environment Kexin developed the interest for studying economics and business at a very young age.

“I always found Economics very interesting and valuable as it explains almost everything in the world with a rational logic, arousing my interest to study it further. The University of Reading is an international university with excellent academic reputation and a beautiful study environment. When I heard the news that I can come to Reading through the NUIST programme, I was excited and grabbed the opportunity.” 

Coming to Reading

As it was Kexin’s first time to study abroad, the support offered by the International Student Tutor at Reading proved very helpful during the adaptive phase. She also found the modules offered to be useful and a good match with her interests.

“In the Experimental Economics module, I had a chance to carry out economic experiments and do some research on the externality of people’s choices. My groupmates and I needed to design the experiment from the beginning and analyse the data and results. The research was quite challenging but we learnt a lot from the whole experience. The lecturer also gave us sufficient support, including academic as well as, some but necessary financial support.”

Kexin was also pleased with how the modules were designed so as not to apply a lot of pressure on students.

“Besides study, I was able to make time for my hobbies and friends. The library and study rooms provided me with a wonderful environment for learning. All teachers at Reading were very kind and nice, and they provided help proactively. The beautiful green campus helped me balance my study and relax when needed.”

A springboard to a rewarding career

Kexin now works for NASDAQ (China) Financial Center and does financial research on green industries. The experience and knowledge she got from studying the Urban Economics module at Reading helped her find her career path in Environmental Economics.

“I think it is quite a new topic and it links the urban design, population, environment, urban policies and economics all together, which is super interesting. The in class discussion was the best part as we got the chance to exchange and share our ideas to generate a better one. Environmental Economics is quite a new and promising field in China and something I want to pursue for the rest of my life.”