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Dr James Reade: the Economics of Sport research

Combining his interest in sport with mathematics gave Dr James Reade an excellent opportunity to study the economic behaviour of people.

Dr Sarah Jewell: researching and teaching the economics of labour

Dr Sarah Jewell is interested in human capital – the skills and attributes a person has that makes them attractive in the labour market. 

Uma Kambhampati: applying Economics to real-world problems

Professor Uma Kambhampati's research focuses on the socio-economic aspects of development. She has particular interests in child work, women's empowerment and individual well-being and life satisfaction.

Dr Stefania Lovo: evaluating the costs of a clean environment

Dr Stefania Lovo’s research involves understanding the role of economic activities and policies to tackle contemporary environmental problems.

Tho Pham: raising the profile of the real-life impact of economics

Dr Tho Pham is determined to show how significant economics is to everyday life through her research on the influence of social media on people and outcomes.