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Dr James Reade
Job Title:
Associate Professor
Head of the Department of Economics
Areas of Interest:

Applied Econometrics, economics of sport, macroeconomics.

Research supervision

I am interested in supervising research in applied economic areas, in particular applications in the area of sport. As sports are very well measured, and the incentives well understood, they can be ideal for the investigation of economic theories. I have published research investigating a range of economic phenomena using sports data; for example, discrimination and market efficiency. Many aspects of labour market functioning (workplace productivity, the impact of immigration and changes in regulatory oversight) and managerial decisions can, and have been investigated. Sport also enables classic economic issues to be analysed within the context of sport, for example the demand for attendance at sport, and strategic decisions made on the field. Data on sport has been extensively collected for decades, even centuries, enabling economic history analyses over long periods of time, and studies of important periods of change in sports.

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Feedback and consultation hours:

  • Monday 11:00–12:00
  • Tuesday 13:00–14:00
  • Wednesday 11:00–12:00
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BA Economics, Durham, Mphil and Dphil Economics, Oxford.

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