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Dr Hannah Caroe

MENTICA Research Assistant

Areas of interest

  • Plant macrofossils
  • The emergence of Neolithic lifeways in the eastern Fertile Crescent, particularly early plant management and domestication 
  • Malting and brewing in Anglo-Saxon England and early medieval Europe, as evidenced archaeobotanically

Research projects



My DPhil research explored evidence from plant remains for malting and brewing in Anglo-Saxon England. As part of the MENTICA project team at Reading, I am focusing on the transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer-herder lifeways in the eastern Fertile Crescent, specifically within Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan, as attested archaeobotanically.

Academic qualifications

BA (University of Oxford)
MPhil (University of Cambridge)
DPhil (University of Oxford)

Selected publications

Caroe, H. (2022). 'Malting, Brewing and Beer in Anglo-Saxon England. Mid Saxon Sedgeford: A Case Study'. In: McKerracher, M. and Hamerow, H., (eds.) New Perspectives on the Medieval ‘Agricultural Revolution’: Crop, Stock and Furrow. (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press), pp.179–198.


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