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Gundula Mueldner

gundula mueldner
  • School Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • BSc Programme Director
  • Part-time Student Tutor.

Areas of interest

  • Stable isotope analysis of bone for dietary reconstruction
  • Nutritional anthropology
  • Bioarchaeology.

Postgraduate supervision

Gundula currently supervises a number of postgraduate student projects:

  • Detecting Regional Variation in the Roman Diet.
  • Cribra orbitalia, Cribra Humeralis and Cribra Femoralis: understanding their aetiology.
  • Was childhood health declining in the period leading to the Black Death?


Gundula Müldner is a bioarchaeologist who specialises in stable isotope analysis of bone for the reconstruction of human and animal diets. She has a background in biological anthropology and early historical archaeology. Her research interests include dietary changes related to cultural and socio-economic transitions in the last 2000 years, as well as questions of diet, health and social identity in the past.

Academic qualifications

  • MA, MSc, PhD – University Bradford.

Selected publications

  • Müldner, G. and M. P. Richards (2006). Diet in medieval England: the evidence from stable isotopes. In: C. Woolgar, D. Serjeantson & T. Waldron, eds., Food in medieval England: history and archaeology. Oxford: Oxford University Press,228-238.
  • Müldner, G. and M. P. Richards (2005). Fast or Feast: Reconstructing Diet in Later Medieval England by Stable Isotope Analysis. Journal of Archaeological Science 32: 39-48.


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