The 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference

Saturday January 8th-Sunday January 9th, 2011

Meeting theme: Experimental Archaeology: Developing Scientific Approaches

Conference programme

Papers & Abstracts 

Thank you to everyone who attended the conference and contributed to the weekend's mix of papers, workshops, and general discussions.
A reminder that the 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference is provisionally to be held at York in January 2012.
If you have any follow-up queries, please address them to Wei Chu

Thank you,
Prof. Martin Bell, Dr Rob Hosfield & Wei Chu

Further Publications:

  • Related Conference Paper: Alice Choyke & Paul Duffy (Time and enhanced value: the use life of bone beads)
  • Choyke, A.M. 2001. Late Neolithic red deer canine beads and their imitations. In A. Choyke & L. Bartosiewicz (eds.) Crafting Bone - Skeletal Technologies through Time and Space: 251-266. British Archaeological Reports International Series 937. BAR: Oxford.  
  • Choyke, A.M. 2005. Bronze Age bone and antler working at the Jászdózsa-Kápolnahalom tell. In H. Luik, A. Choyke, C. Batey & L. Lõugas (eds.) From Hooves to Horns, from Mollusc to Mammoth: Manufacture and Use of Bone Artifacts from Prehistoric Times to the Present: 129-156. Proceedings of the 4th meeting of the (ICAZ) Worked Bone Research Group. Muiasaja Teadus 15: Tallinn.
  • Choyke, A.M. & Daróczi-Szabó, M. 2010. The Complete and Usable Tool: Some Life Histories of Prehistoric Bone Tools in Hungary. In A. Legrand-Pineau, I. Sidéra, N. Buc, E. David and V. Scheinsohn (eds.) Ancient and Modern Bone Artefacts from America to Russia: Cultural, technological and functional signatures. British Archaeological Reports International Series 2136. Archaeopress: Oxford.

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