Urbanism in Spain (1987-93)

Book cover of Celti (Peaflor), the Archaeology of a Hispano-Roman Town in Baetica.Urbanism in the Roman world has been a recurrent theme in Dr John Creighton's research. In the late 1980s and early 1990s he worked with Simon Keay (University of Southampton) on two city projects in the South of Spain.

Celti (Peñaflor)

Peñaflor is now a village in the Guadalquivir valley between Cordoba and Seville. In the Roman period it lay in the centre of the olive oil producing territory of the Roman province of Baetica. Olive oil was the fuel for lighting and base for cosmetics as well as being a major foodstuff. Seven years of fieldwalking, topographic survey, geophysics and the excavation examined the settlement, revealing its long history. This was published alongside a detailed analysis of the epigraphy from the region by Jose Remesal Rodriguez.


Just outside the city of Seville is modern Santiponce. This village lies astride the ruins of Italica, a Roman town which was also the birthplace of the Emperor Trajan. The town saw significant development in this period and these imperial association have meant that the site has seen much attention over the years. In the run up to the world Expo in 1992, a team with Simon Keay (University of Southampton) and David Jordan undertook large scale fieldwalking combined with large scale geophysics. One of the first entire Roan cities to be completely surveyed. As well as pottery, the fieldwalking categories included marble, statue fragments and inscriptions.

RBook cover of Celti (Peaflor), Spanish edition.eferences

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