Research in Russia

Por Bajin medieval ruins

Unique medieval ruins at the centre of a Siberian lake

In the summer of 2008, Honorary Research Fellow Heinrich Härke took a small team of students and recent graduates of the Department to Russia where they worked on an enigmatic site in an enchanted landscape high in the mountains of southern Siberia. His article about this adventure has just been published in the most recent issue of Archaeology Magazine (published by the Archaeological Institute of America).   Read the full article in Archaeology Magazine

19 October 2010

Proposed international collaborative project in Kazakhstan.

Dzhankent is a planned town of the 9th - 10th centuries AD just east of the Aral Sea, in the old delta region of the Syr-Darya river. Today, following environmental change and a shift of the river bed, its walls rise starkly from the flat arid steppe, still standing up to 10 metres (30 feet) high and enclosing an area of some 15 hectares (40 acres), including a citadel in one corner. This may not be a pleasant green land, but Dzhankent is a fascinating site to study Kazakh state formation and the transition from nomadism to sedentism.

Read more about  Preliminary investigations in Kazakhstan

24 October 2009


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