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The School of Agriculture, Policy and Development offers a diverse range of undergraduate degrees in five key areas, designed to prepare you for the world of work. Our courses utilise real-world case studies, employment-oriented projects and field visits.

All of our programmes offer both work placement and study abroad opportunities.

Our courses

BSc Agriculture

Prepare to make a difference in the agriculture sector by studying the science and technology that underpins agricultural production and sustainability with our BSc Agriculture degree.

You can choose our broad-based agriculture degree or specialise with one of our pathways: BSc Agriculture with Crop Science, BSc Agriculture with Horticultural Science, and BSc Agriculture with Livestock Production.

BSc Agricultural Business Management

We educate the agri-business leaders of tomorrow, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to tackle the most pressing challenges in the sector.

Focus on the principles of farm business management and entrepreneurship, together with sustainable production practices, with our BSc Agricultural Business Management programme.

BSc Bioveterinary Sciences

Prepare for an exciting career in the animal and veterinary industries by taking a holistic and scientific approach to understanding factors underlying animal health and welfare.

Benefit from visits to our working farms and animal and veterinary-related organisations in the local area ensuring you'll meet the industry's expectations for highly qualified University of Reading graduates

BSc Environmental Management and Sustainability

Effectively managing the environments in which we live, work and relax, to create a sustainable future for us all, is one of the greatest and most exciting challenges we currently face.

Gain a sound understanding of natural and man-made environments, consider solutions, and develop the practical and transferable skills relevant to a broad range of employers.

BSc International Development

The study of international development has never been more important: complex global problems affect all our lives. Rich and poor countries face climate change, conflict and pressing issues of inequality.

At Reading, our unique course draws on the expertise of staff who are active development practitioners. We provide you with an interdisciplinary understanding of these issues, while exploring possible solutions, and preparing you for a rewarding career.

BSc Consumer Behaviour and Marketing

Understanding how people think, feel and behave as consumers is the cornerstone of successful marketing, while helping to unlock solutions to complex challenges such as sustainable production and consumption.

Develop audience insight and digital expertise with our Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) accredited course, combining consumer behaviour and applied psychology, business, marketing and applied economics – preparing you for any marketing or consumer-based career in our rapidly changing world.

BSc Food Business and Marketing

With complex challenges such as food security, sustainability, consumer health and rising costs affecting both consumers and food businesses, it's an exciting time to study food business and marketing.

You'll develop a sound understanding of business, marketing, applied economics and contemporary issues affecting the local and global agri-food network.

Our BSc Food Business and Marketing course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), providing you with the perfect start to a career in the food industry and beyond.

"When you join our School you become part of a diverse and thriving community of undergraduate students that creates a dynamic and international context to your studies.

"You will learn from friendly, approachable staff who are internationally experienced leaders in their areas of expertise, and who will encourage and support you with your academic work.

"Our students are highly employable and have a wide variety of opportunities internationally where they can make a difference to their industry. They also leave with lifelong friendships and lasting memories of your time here.”

Gillian Rose – School Director of Teaching and Learning, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development

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