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GIIDAE: International Scholarship

Ignacio Chamorro Warnken, MSc by Research in Agriculture, Environment and Ecology (2021)

What did you do before coming to Reading?

After finishing my agronomy degree, I studied French in Toulouse as a sabbatical trip while taking time to decide on my future direction and preparing for my TOEFL IBT English test, which is a mandatory test for non-English speakers to complete when I was in France.

What are your career aspirations?

My career aspiration is to work in the agriculture and science industry, contributing to our society by working in science to support it.

What interested you in your chosen area of study?

I have always loved nature and science, and I am intrigued by the way in which organisms interact and how we can develop in order to take advantage of millions of years of processes.

Why did you choose Reading?

I was accepted by several universities in various countries including Spain, France and the UK, but after doing some research and talking with my professors in Chile, I decided that the University of Reading was the best option for me in terms of academic quality. I also thought that it seemed like a good town, close to London, and I found the Whiteknights campus very nice.

How do you think this qualification will help you in the future?

I hope my MSc by Research in Agriculture, Environment and Ecology will help me develop my research skills and allow me to start a career as a researcher in some part of the world. In particular, in agroforestry and sustainable development.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Reading?

I have enjoyed many things in my time at Reading, I have found good friends and the University has good sports facilities.

Would you recommend the programme to other students?

I would be happy to recommend this programme to others. It is a good start for people who are interested in research but are not sure about the area that they want to work in. There are a lot of seminars and lectures with great professors in a wide range of themes related to agriculture, environment, climate change and food production.

How has the Scholarship helped you?

The Scholarship was a good gesture of support from the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development. It is nice having some financial support to help with accommodation and tuition fees.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

Another important aspect is that professors are very supportive and happy to answer any doubts!