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Mia chose to study BA Graphic Communication at Reading due to the career enhancing course and high ratings. This is what she has to say about her course now she has finished her final year: 

"Graphic Communication at the University of Reading is a course that has unique features that are invaluable in shaping you as a designer."

Topics in Graphic Communication

My compulsory modules in Year one and two provided me with a wide skillset across design. I gained experience across a spectrum of briefs, furthered by the unique Real Jobs scheme through Year two and three, where I gained real experience on real briefs with real clients, which is amazing preparation for my career.

 In my final year, I chose modules to suit my goals and that would help put me in a good position for my career. The modules can be modelled around your personal interests more freely and allow you to create a portfolio and end-of-year show that is reflective of your style.

 My favourite topic has been ‘Design Practice’, running across all three years. This provided me with new briefs to work from and it was an amazing opportunity to be creative while being challenged to extend my design skills.

"These briefs have shown me which kinds of design. I enjoy working on the most, developed my design style, and highlighted my strengths and weaknesses."


How topics are taught

My seminars were typically taught in small groups where we discussed and unpacked a variety of design material like design artifacts, historic movements, or theoretical material. They have a laid-back atmosphere, so you can expect to feel comfortable to speak and offer your opinions. My lectures had a similar feel and offered valuable information to help develop my design skills and knowledge. These were the building blocks to deepening my understanding of design and helping me to reach my potential.

 Reading also hosts Baseline Shift, which is a unique lecture series designed to boost our networking and provided us with amazing career benefits before graduating. The department invited speakers from all areas of the design industry with some notable speakers being David Pearson, Rob Waller, and Greg Bunbury.

 As it is a smaller course, you are never short of advice and help from the lecturers if you need it – someone was always willing and able to help me with my work, career plans, or any problems. 

"Coming to the closing chapter of my time at university, I feel already well-connected thanks to the opportunities provided to network. I feel I have experience in working with real clients, and most importantly I feel I have developed a strong base of knowledge to take into my career."


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