AFHEA pathway for doctoral researchers: Resources

Application Requirements

The core requirements of the application are set out in the table:

1 Application form
2 Contextual statement


Professional Activity Table - 600 words for 3 Areas of Activity in the UKPSF which must include A5
4 CPD log and plan
5 Supporting statements

Please refer to the handbook below for more detail.

Useful documents

Here you will find the handbook and other useful documents. These will provide you with important information about the scheme and the application process.


The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) is a comprehensive set of professional standards and guidelines for all involved in teaching and supporting learning in HE.

Writing your PAT

A core part of applications is a Professional Activity Table (PAT). The PAT allows you to demonstrate the breadth and impact of your work and achievements. You will find the template in the 'useful documents' section above.

You should write 600 words for each of two Areas of Activity of your choice PLUS 600 words for Area of Activity 5 (indicative word count 1800 words). Useful tips on writing each section can be found below:

Please find below, one illustrative example for each Area of Activity:

Resources for preparing supporting statements

You need to include two supporting statements as part of the application. These should be from colleagues in a position to support the claims made in the application and comment on your effectiveness in relation to teaching and learning. The guidance below is to help anyone preparing a supporting statement in support of an application for Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy through the University of Reading's AFHEA pathway for doctoral researchers.

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