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Assessment and Feedback

At the University of Reading, our approach is grounded in Assessment for Learning (AfL) principles, which emphasise authenticity and continuous improvement through formative feedback and self-regulation.

Assessment is designed to be varied, inclusive and proportionate. It is carefully planned across a programme, providing extensive opportunities for confidence building and practice. Assessment is distributed effectively to support both staff and student learning and wellbeing.

Guidance on this page

  1. Designing Authentic Assessment
  2. Developing and using Assessment Criteria and Rubrics
  3. Inclusive and Accessible Assignment Briefs
  4. Using a Variety of Assessments to Support Inclusive Learning
  5. Making Assessment Volume and Distribution Manageable for Staff and Students
  6. Empowering Learning through Formative Assessment and Feedback
  7. Assessing Group Work
  8. Learning through Peer and Self Assessment