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GenAI for Teaching and Learning at UoR

Responding to the rapid uptake and widespread prevalence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tools circa November 2022, the University established a GenAI Working Group in August 2023 to consider its approach to the use of GenAI in teaching and learning. Co-Chairs of the Working Group are currently Professor Alan Howard and Dr Sian Lindsay; Richard Sandford is Secretary to the group. 

Note: this page is subject to change and updates - please revisit this page when seeking advice and do not make local copies which may become out of date.

GenAI Working Group Outputs: Policy and Guidance

Phase 1 of the Working Group’s activities (from Aug – Dec ’23) include:

GenAI Working Group Phase 2

Toward the end of Phase 1, the group presented a series of recommendations to UBTLSE, the responses of which formed the basis of seven workstreams for current second phase  of work (Jan – July ’24) focusing on aspects such as policy work, EDI, ethics and faith in addition to guidance, communications and research tools. One of the recommendations was to establish a GenAI Community of Practice (CoP), inviting practitioners using GenAI in their teaching and learning activities from across the University. The GenAI CoP held its first meeting on 30th April 2024.  

GenAI Community of Practice

The GenAI Community of Practice (CoP) is a multi-disciplinary forum for members of the University who are using GenAI for a variety of purposes – notably in teaching, learning and assessment. Reflecting the University of Reading’s supportive position statement regarding the adoption of GenAI, the aim of the GenAI CoP is to facilitate a positive approach to the incorporation of GenAI in students' educational journey without diminishing academic standards. The central objectives of the GenAI CoP are to:

  • Facilitate networking by capturing and sharing of good practice between colleagues. 

  • Improve the visibility of GenAI use across the University. 

  • Discuss, engage with, establish and inform the development of models of good practice with respect to GenAI technologies. 

The GenAI CoP is a discrete community whose outputs, advice and suggestions will be fed into the work of and considered by the GAIT WG, and also by CQSD, as part of the University’s strategy for Teaching and Learning (T&L).

Currently the GenAI CoP is chaired by Dr David Marshall; Dr Sian Lindsay is the Secretary. The GenAI CoP aims to meet 3-4 times per year. If you actively use GenAI tools in your teaching and learning practice (particularly if you are applying the University’s GenAI guidance to your practice) and you would like to join the GenAI CoP, please do get in touch with either David or Sian by email or

Support for Students

LibGuides: Generative Artificial Intelligence and University Study: Home (source:

Using Generative Artificial Intelligence tools at University: (source:

Generative Artificial Intelligence, Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct

An Annex to Section 9 of the Assessment Handbook (Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct) has been produced to detail the University's position on the misuse of Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools. The Annex lays out responsibilities for Schools and students on the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools. You can access the Annex using the link below. 

Annex 1: Generative Artificial Intelligence, Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct

Staff Training

Resources from the Lunchtime Miniseries on GenAI held in November 2023:

(A UoRLearn account is required to view the recordings)

Session 1: Introduction; Learning with Generative AI: Collaboration and Criticality

Slides; Recording

Session 2: Using AI for Teaching and Learning

Slides (Refining Assessments in the ChatGPT Era)

Slides (Conversational AI Guidelines for New Tools in Ancient Language Study)


Session 3: Improving Student Literacy on the Responsible Use of AI Tools

Slides; Recording


Resources from the GenAI showcase held in March 2024:

Recording – GenAI in Teaching, Learning and Assessment