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Pre-Travel Forms

On this page you will find quick links to all of the Pre-Travel forms

Safety Code of Practice 38 on overseas travel

Safety Code of Practice 32 on overseas fieldwork

International Travel Risk Assessment TRA1 – To be completed and approved at least 21 days before overseas travel.

Overseas Staff Travel Form – Members of staff at University of Reading (UK) travelling overseas on business must also complete this online form. Please connect to VPN first, if off campus.

Security Questionnaire – To be completed at least 21 days before any overseas travel including fieldwork trips, planned to Sanctioned or High-risk Territories and submit to

Students at University of Reading (UK) or RUMAL should access RISIS and complete the online risk management form for students (under ‘Actions’ select ‘Student Risk Management’).

TRA2 Off Campus UK Business Travel Risk Assessment form (Non fieldwork) – Off campus activities for staff and post graduate students conducting UK travel for business purposes. Not compulsory, but recommended.

AIG Travel Insurance forms: 

AIG Lifeline Travel Policy Wording

AIG Cover Confirmation Letter and Travel Pack

Lifeline Plus virtual certificate Download Guide

Please use the overseas Pre-Travel Checklist below to ensure you are ready for your travel OR, you can print the Pre-Travel Checklist

Action to complete Yes / No
Read safety code of practice COP38 / COP32 Yes / No
 Review Risk Assessment Page Yes / No
Reviewed FCDO website where applicable Yes / No
Complete the International Travel Risk Assessment Form TRA1 Yes / No
Has your International Travel Risk Assessment form (TRA1) been approved  Yes /No
Completed the Overseas Staff Travel Form and upload International Travel Risk Assessment TRA1 form - Students see below Yes / No
 Students should complete the online risk management form on RISIS Yes / No 
Completed your visa application (where applicable) Yes / No
Booked travel via TMC (if over 9 via group travel suppliers) Yes / No
Downloaded the Lifeline Plus Travel Assistance App Yes / No
 Completed Security Questionnaire if travelling to Sanctioned / High-risk Territories or overseas fieldwork Yes / No