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Welcome to the University of Reading's insurance pages which encompass several important aspects of the University's insurance cover together with clear details and claim forms where appropriate.

University's Documents of Employers & Public Liability Insurance

Download the University's Employers & Public Liability Insurance Certificates by visiting the Employers & Public Liability page  Employer's & public liability (


If you are travelling on the business of the University of Reading

The Insurance Office can offer assistance and advice when you are required to travel on University business. For this information, please see the business travel page. Please make sure to also read the COVID-19 Insurance and Travel FAQs.


Vehicle insurance and regulations

Please read our information on insurance cover for University-owned and hired vehicles. Owing to recent legislation there are important changes to regulations with regards to using minibuses on the business of the University. If you plan to hire/use a minibus please check the minibus regulations page.

University of Reading Certificate of Motor Insurance

Motor insurance claims

Information on how to make a motor insurance claim, including accident, fire and theft.

Students and insurance

Information and advice on student placements, field trips and medical cover for foreign students.

Equipment off campus

Regulations governing the use of University equipment off campus.

Public liability

Information on the University's Public Liability Insurance and how it applies to the individual. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Information detailing the University's protection against slander, libel, copyright infringement, fraud, loss and damage.

See also

If you have any queries regarding insurance please let us know by contacting: