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Professional indemnity insurance

Certificate of Professional Indemnity Insurance  

Registered Consultancy or Assisted Consultancy Work

The University has the benefit of professional indemnity insurance. This cover provides protection for the University against liability at law, for damages in respect of claims arising out of the business of the University, by reason of:

"any act, neglect, error or omission, breach or warrant of authority, infringement of copyright or patent right or trademark design rights or other intellectual property rights, breach of confidential information under sections 22 and 23 of the Data Protection Act 1984"

occurring or committed in good faith by the University. The cover extends to include other areas of potential claim including libel and slander (committed in good faith), dishonest or fraudulent act or omission on the part of the University and loss of, or damage to, documents.

University employees acting or working on behalf of the University are covered (although professional work by any medical or dental practitioner is excluded). Individual members of academic staff undertaking private work are not covered.

The extent of cover provided is for damages (compensation) which are deemed to be legally liable from the University plus claimant's costs and expenses and defence costs approved by insurers. The cover will not pay for fines or penalties which may be imposed.

All subject to the terms and conditions of the wording.

Please note that the Insurance Office must be told as soon as possible of any circumstances which could lead to a personal indemnity claim.