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University Policy, Terms and Conditions

The Procurement Policy and the Procurement Strategy govern all staff and all spending of University-managed funds:


Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (PO) are an important part of the way in which the University gathers accurate accounting information for managing our resources. All suppliers must be in receipt of a valid PO from the University before supplying the requested goods or services. The valid PO must be included on all invoices in order to ensure prompt payment.

Payments to Suppliers

In line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, the University of Reading can confirm the following payment statistics:

Financial Year Proportion of valid & undisputed invoices paid within 30 days in accordance with regulation 113 The amount of interest paid to suppliers due to a breach of the requirement in regulation 113
2015/16 82% £0
2016/17 77% £0
2017/18 77% £0
2018/19 81% £0
2019/20 74% £0
 2020/21 78% £0
 2021/22  81% £0

 2022/23  67% £0

Audit hotline

When doing business with the University of Reading if you suspect any type of collusion or fraud between members of University staff and staff in your company, please telephone the Internal Audit confidential hotline on 0118 378 6353 and one of our internal auditors will be able to discuss your concerns.

Complaints Procedure

Procurement endeavours to provide a satisfactory, prompt and courteous service at all times. We recognise however that there may be occasions when standards fall short or when the normal feedback routines may not fully address an issue. We therefore have a formal complaints procedure to ensure that your complaints are dealt with in a prompt, polite and professional manner, and further contribute towards improving our service.

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