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Currently working for a pharmaceuticals consultancy, Philosophy graduate Graham Draper shares how his master's study prepared him for a thriving career in communications and pharmaceuticals.

The hallmarks of analytic philosophy are rigorous argumentation, clarity of expression and conceptual precision. Comprehensive training in analytic philosophy has proved immensely helpful in Graham's current role writing and conducting research in bioscience communications.

"My Master's gave me a strong grounding for thinking clearly, competently and confidently about difficult subjects and clearly expressing the rationale for my conclusions."

Studying at Reading helped Graham to realise that not only did he quite enjoy extensive writing, but also that he was keen to use such skills in a profession.

"I was able to significantly improve the quality, dexterity and efficiency of my writing such that afterwards I began to look for careers in communications related fields."

For the past few years, Graham has been working in the bioscience communications sphere, for consultancies that provide communications support to large pharmaceutical companies.

"So far, my role has been principally to produce written documents and materials, and to provide competitor intelligence services and strategic counsel."

Learn from the experts

The principle reason for Graham choosing to study at Reading was because of the opportunity to work with Professor David Oderberg, who is internationally recognised as one of the most influential living philosophers.

“I had admired Professor Oderberg’s work for many years before applying to study at Reading, particularly his work in my field of interest which is metaphysics. He challenged and tested my stand on various philosophical issues, forcing me to think clearly about my position and the arguments in support of it. "