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Evie Gavriel's fascination for philosophy led her to study BA Philosophy and English Literature at the University of Reading, graduating in 2017. During her studies Evie decided to do a work placement, and has now landed her dream job.

"My A level in Philosophy and Ethics triggered my passion for philosophy; when it came to deciding what I wanted to study at university, I was not ready to end my study of philosophy there. What has always fascinated me about philosophy is how there are multiple layers which can be stripped back, but never solved. It is so complex, yet so compelling, as you examine the different theories which have travelled through time, with ever-changing views, throughout different centuries."

Experience a real work environment

Evie took the initiative to embark upon a work placement during the third year of her degree:

"I did a placement with a property development company, Element Properties & Co. My role was marketing manager and my responsibilities were to create a scientific approach to property, with a mixture of passion about helping people maximise, and creating a brand for the company, which included working on designing their website, creating materials and business cards, as well as managing all of their social media platforms."

There are so many benefits to doing a work placement. I learnt how to manage my time more effectively, I became better organised, I developed a greater work ethic, and I furthered my writing abilities."

"I learnt all of these skills at university as well, but the placement enabled me to put my skills and knowledge to the test in a real work environment. The skills I learnt from both university and my placement intertwine, and the more experience you have the better at it you become. I also really enjoyed having a focus on something away from my studies, during what can be quite an intense third year."

My dream career

Evie believes her work placement played a large role in leading to her dream job:

"What I enjoyed most about my placement is that I got to see what a career felt like before I dived into one post-graduation. My placement made me realise I wanted to focus on the way brands are perceived by the public. This led me to pursue a career in PR with the transferable skills I gained from both my placement and my degree." 

"The placement played a large role in getting me to where I am today. The experience you have on your CV and as a person gives you an advantage, especially as a graduate: it conveys perseverance, willingness and skill, which is what recruiters are looking for."

"I have just landed my dream job at a PR company in central London working on entertainment accounts, such as V Festival, and I hope to work on a variety of exciting projects to expand my life experiences. I would like to thank the University of Reading for teaching me so much and for the endless support I received from the Department of Philosophy."