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Looking at your search results

Your search results can contain entries for both print and online items. In the example below, the top item is an e-book (note the computer icon underneath the entry) and the bottom one is our print copies (note the book icon underneath).

Search results showing an e-book and a print book

Accessing online books and journals

To read an e-book or e-journal just click on the 'Click here to access...' link in the brief results display (as  shown in the image above). You may be prompted to enter your University username and password before you are taken to the item.

If you experience any problems accessing an e-book or e-journal please send us details via our E-resources problem report form.

Finding printed items

Click on the title of the printed item.

  • You will see more detailed information about the item
  • Beneath this will be the Item Information - this shows the location of our copies
  • Scroll down and you may see additional information by clicking on the "Summary" or "Table of contents" options.

Understanding item information


A detailed record on the Enterprise catalogue


This example shows:

  • Library holding each copy - in the above example all copies are held in the University Library
  • Call Number - in the example above the Call Number is 658.4012-PUR
  • Loan Type - this example shows there is one Overnight loan copy, two 7-day loan copies and four Standard loan copies (see How long can I keep items?)
  • Location - shows the current availability of each copy. In this example only one copy has been borrowed - the due date is given next to it. All the other copies are available to collect from the shelves


Next to each copy you will see the name of Library that holds that item. The example above shows that all our copies are at the University Library. You may also find material held in other collections in the University - for more information see Consulting items found on Enterprise.

Where there are copies at more than one site or in more than one collection, make sure you note down the correct Call Number for the copy you are fetching.

What is a Call Number?

The Call Number is the code used to shelve an item. It is usually made up of a string of words, numbers and letters indicating the exact shelf location, for example 658.4012-PUR .

It is important that you write down the whole Call Number to enable you to find an item in the Library.

Example Call Numbers for books:


658.4012 - this number stands for a subject, in this case strategic corporate planning - other books on this topic will be found at this number

PUR is the authormark - it is usually taken from the first three letters of the author's surname or from the title. Within each number the books are put in alphabetical order by the authormark, so 658.4012-PUR will be shelved before 658.4012-STU

This book will be found in the blue-labelled "Books" section on the floor indicated in the Location column.

LARGE--F 6584.012-PUR

LARGE - if a Call Number has the prefix "LARGE--F" it indicates that the book is A4-sized or larger.  and is shelved in the pink-labelled "Large" section on the floor indicated in the Location column.

658.4012 - see the explanation above.

PUR - see the explanation above.

Loan type

Enterprise will also show you how long you can borrow an item for (if at all).

See How long can I keep items? for details.


This column shows the current location of each copy. If a copy is available in the University Library, it will show you which floor the item is on.

View the floor plans to find the exact location for your Call Number

See Consulting items found on Enterprise for information on how to view items held in other collections in the University.

Frequently asked questions

What if all the University Library copies are on loan?

You can place a hold on an item on loan to another person or in cataloguing.

For more information see Placing & cancelling a hold using Enterprise.

Can I book the Short Loan copy?

If all the 7-day and Standard loan copies are on loan you can book the Short Loan copy for a specific day. Just click on the "Book Short Loan Items" link on the right of the display.

For more information see Booking Short Loan items using Enterprise.

How do I request an item that is shown as in Closed Access or the Off-site Store?

If an item is shown as "Closed Access" or "Off-Site Store" it can be requested using Enterprise. For more information see:

Please ask at the Welcome Desk or contact us if you are unsure about the current location of any item.


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