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German has 110 million native speakers worldwide and is first place in terms of numbers of native speakers in the European Union. 24% of the EU's population speak German as their first language. Germany is the UK's most important trading partner.  It is the world's third largest contributor to research and development, placing German in second place as the most important scientific language.

British Council (2014), Languages for the Future

Modules available


This beginner module is for students with no knowledge (or virtually no knowledge) of the language. The module will give you basic survival skills, enabling you to make yourself understood and to find out information in common, everyday situations. Please note that students with GCSE or equivalent in the language cannot enrol on a beginners' class. 

German 1 module description


This post-beginner module is for students who have some previous knowledge such as that acquired by taking IWLP German 1 (or equivalent) and can cope in common everyday situations using mainly the present tense. It includes revision of the basic grammar necessary for a sound foundation in the language.

German 2 module description


This lower-intermediate module is for students with a basic knowledge of German, such as that acquired by taking IWLP German 2 (or equivalent). Students should enter this course able to use basic past, present and future tenses reasonably correctly and understand the main points of spoken or written material. 

German 3 module description


This upper-intermediate module is for students who have taken IWLP German 3 (or equivalent) and whose previous knowledge of German enables them to understand the main points of everyday spoken and written material (radio, TV, newspapers), and who can express their opinions with reasonable accuracy and fluency. 

German 4 module description

Contact time

Classes are three hours a week, split into a two-hour and a one-hour session on different days. You need to attend all three hours every week.

Classes run in weeks two to 11 in the autumn term, weeks one to 11 in spring term and weeks one and two of the summer term, with a final exam in the university-wide exam period in the summer term.

You will be required to attend classes in person. If you will be studying abroad or undertaking a placement during term time, please contact the IWLP Admin Office by emailing before submitting your application, as this may affect whether you can take the module.

Language ladder

If your placement test suggests that your ability is already higher than the modules offered by IWLP, or if you have already completed the highest-level IWLP module for your language, you might be able to enrol on one of the language modules offered within the degree programme, which are available as credit and non-credit options.

More information is available from the IWLP Language Lead responsible for your language.

Taking German with IWLP as part of your degree (for 20 credits)?

  • If you are in the first year of your course (Part 1 or postgraduate taught) – select through online module selection as you do for your other modules. If the selection window has closed go to module selection or your support centre.
  • Returning students (Parts 2,3 and 4) – please discuss with a support centre how to change/add your module choices.
  • During the enrolment process you may be asked to complete a German placement test


Taking the language with IWLP but not as part of your degree (as non-credit)?

  • Please note that applications for non-credits opens at the beginning of September.

Complete the non-credit application form and German placement test (if applicable).

If you are unsure or have any further queries please contact the IWLP Team on or telephone 0118 378 7318.


  • No additional fees are required for IWLP modules if you are a current undergraduate or postgraduate taught student taking IWLP modules as part of your 120 or 180 credits for the year (with permission from your School in your module specifications).
  • For other students, non-credit fees are currently £340 for the year. This will be billed to your student account in the autumn term.



  • Doctoral students: if your School is going to fund your IWLP module please get the PGR agreement form signed by your School Director of Teaching and Learning. Those not being funded will be charged £340 to their student account in the autumn term.
  • Staff: all staff are required to pay for their IWLP module. The fee is £340. If your School or Department are willing to fund your module, please complete and return the IWLP staff agreement form.

All forms must be emailed to


We hope you will enjoy your IWLP module. If, however, there is a reason you need to withdraw, you will need to complete the IWLP withdrawal form and email it to We cannot remove you from our records until we have received this form, even if you have told your home department/tutor.

If you are taking your IWLP module non-credit, you can withdraw before Friday of Week 4 in the autumn term without being charged. For any non-credit withdrawal after this date, you will need to pay the full £340.