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The University of Reading announced in April 2016 that it would publish the valuation and accounting statements for its main endowment fund, the Research Endowment Trust.
This gives a detailed breakdown of investments held at the end of the University's financial year on 31 July.
This was part of a range of measures agreed by the University's Investment Committee that the institution would:
  • move its full endowment portfolio to investment fund(s) that exclude companies generating the bulk of their revenues and reserves from the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels;
  • give priority to investment in firms which are taking significant steps to cut fossil fuel use; and
  • only support investment funds that actively engage with companies in which they invest as a way to encourage all companies to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and change business practices to reduce environmental impact.
Here are our statements for the end of year for the past six years:
For more information, please see our full press release and read our investment policy

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