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KiteSite User Guide

KiteSite is a mobile application for recording georeferenced biodiversity sightings on the Whiteknights campus. It is efficient and easy to use, but this guide presents a overview of how to get started.

Stage 1: Loading the project

Press the menu button on the device to present the Load Project and Delete Project options. Press Load Project, type in ReadingKiteSite and press OK. Providing you have a WIFI or other data connection active, the project will load and appear under Select Project on the application homepage.

Stage 2: Adding a new entry

Please note, this stage does not require data connection.

Select New Entry from the KiteSite homepage. Follow steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 consecutively for the sighting you wish to record. Once you have reached the end of the form inside 3. Tap to enter form data, be sure to press Confirm. From this point you are returned to the original New Entry screen and have the option to change the GPS, photo or form data if you wish to do so. Once you are happy with the entry, press 4. Tap to store entry.

You are presented with a window entitled Entry Saved. From here, you can add a new entry, return to the current entry (to make changes) or List/Synch Entries. If you do not wish to modify your current entry or add a new one, touch the List/Synch Entries button.

Stage 3: Synchronising entries

The page to which List/Synch Entries takes you can also be accessed at any time via the homepage using the button List Entries, underneath New Entry. Here you can see a list of all the entries stored on the device. If the entry has an N beside the number, this means that it has not been synchronised with the database. If the entry has a Y beside the number, this means that it has been synchronised with the database and can no longer be modified. To modify an entry which has not been synchronised, simply tap on the entry number.

Once you are happy with your entries, ensure that you are connected to the Internet via WIFI or other data connection and press Tap to Synchronise Entries. You may be required to wait a few seconds while the data is uploaded, after which you should see a message stating that the synchronisation has been successful and each entry now displays a Y.

Your entries will now have been submitted to the database and will be available to view online at the project website. Press the back button on your device to return to the application homepage.

Please note that this guide is based on the Android version of KiteSite. Buttons and screens may differ slightly for users using Apple devices.

You may also download a .pdf version of this User Guide from this link here.

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