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Pensions Administration for USS, UEPF and TPS members

  1. Number: FIN/SLS/023
  2. Title: Pensions administration of USS, UEPF and TPS members
  3. Version: 1.2
  4. Effective date: 1 August 2005
  5. Duration: This specification will run from the date set out above until amended by the Director of Finance and Corporate Services or nominated alternate.
  6. Review: This specification will be reviewed annually.
  7. Service level specification:
    The Pensions Office will provide administrative support for the pension schemes offered to members of the University
    ii. Pensions administration for the University Employees Pension Fund is, in the main, outsourced to Gissings Ltd, a third party pensions administrator. Details of the service standards to which they are required to operate are set out on the Finance website. For current members of the UEPF scheme their first point of contact is the University's Pensions Officer.
    iii. The University Pensions Officer will be the first point of contact for current members of the USS and TPS schemes. The service standards to which the Pensions Office will operate for members of these schemes are set out on the Finance website.