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Toby Rinkoff studied English Literature at the University of Reading. While still a student in 2012, he founded Motionblurr Studios, a film and photography company which is now based at the iconic Pinewood Studios.

Motionblurr's clients include Henley Business School, Tiger Beer, Yates' and Red Bull. As Director, Toby is responsible for the operational and financial aspects of the business, strengthening relationships with clients and maintaining an effective team.

Tailoring your degree

During his degree, Toby was able to choose what he studied due to the vast number of optional modules available to him. Having this freedom meant he could study the topics he wanted to explore, and under those academics he admired.

Toby found the support he gained throughout his degree to be invaluable, and he enjoyed every part of his time at Reading - even the dissertation.

"The best thing about being a student at Reading was the access to specialists and the support they gave you. Whether it was penning short stories on the creative writing module or rummaging around the Samuel Beckett archives - you were guided, it truly felt personal, you could craft your own path, explore the topics that interested you.

"Without a doubt, my favourite experience was working on my dissertation. I know a lot of people panic at the idea of 10,000 words but I think that  the long-form exploration of a topic, to me at least, was fulfilling - I felt like I had the time to explore the critical conversation already happening and add to it meaningfully."

Learning valuable career skills

Toby met his now business partner whilst studying at the University of Reading. Together they set up their film production company Motionblurr. His favourite thing about his career is the ability to tell stories - a skill which he picked up during his degree.

"All the practice I had at researching and comprehension exercises - learning what makes a good narrative - these are things I use every day. You also then have to be able to sell that idea and convince others, so calling upon that tool set I have, writing to persuade, writing to advise - it's something I quite often take for granted."

Preparing to get the most out of your degree

To get the most enjoyment out of his degree, Toby prepared his module choices well in advance.

"The advice I would pass on to someone thinking about studying English at Reading is to look at the experts they have: Who are the tutors? What subjects do they explore?

"It wasn't by chance that I found modules I really enjoyed, I knew from the start who I wanted to work with and hear more from.

"You might not know all the subjects in detail but have a look at what catches your eye, don't leave that to chance when choosing a University. At the end of the day, if you're doing something you feel passionate about - it will show in your work, and you'll have a better time doing it!"