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photograph of sarah wilmore

Sarah Wilmore is studying BA English Literature with Creative Writing at Reading. Instead of living in Halls or shared accommodation, Sarah has been living at home and travelling to University by public transport.

Continuing sport

Sarah's decision to live at home was influenced by her sport: Sarah is an accomplished golfer - playing off a handicap of 3. She has played for County Teams in the past and is currently playing in National and top amateur ladies' events for Worplesdon Golf Club. Golf is a big part of her life and so affected her decision to live at home whilst studying at university.

"I play a lot of competitive golf and I decided I wanted to carry on with it at uni."

Benefits of living at home

Sarah had considered accommodation options in the past:

"I did 'Reading Scholars Programme' in 6th Form and looked around the accommodation, but as Reading is so close to home and it's a lot cheaper to stay at home, travelling definitely makes a difference. There are quite a few others on my course who also commute so I'm not the only one. It's nice to stay at home with home comforts."

Our 'Reading Scholars' Programme helps Year 12 students gain a taster of life as a university undergraduate. You can find out more here.

Find out more about the Reading Scholars Programme

Great transport links

Travelling to University, for Sarah, is not as daunting as it might seem:

"The journey doesn't take very long. By car, it's about 40 minutes and by public transport, it takes about an hour to an hour and a half. I get the train to Reading and then the bus - which is really easy as they come every 7-8 minutes. You are not really waiting for the bus."

Not missing out

Sarah is really happy with the way her social life has worked out, and for her, not having accommodation on or near campus, is not a drawback:

"You only miss out on the night life, which I could do anyway by staying in someone's house, but I'm not that into clubbing so I don't feel that I miss out there. I still have lots of friends on my course - perhaps because you try harder to meet people when you don't have a flat. Then I have all my friends at home and through golf. I don't think you really miss out, unless you are desperate to go clubbing."

Sarah's advice to other students considering travelling daily to University:

"If commuting is something you want to do, then you should definitely look into it. You can do a lot more at home compared to living in Halls as you don't get so distracted, and, because you are not paying for the accommodation you have more money available. It's nice being close to your family and friends too - as well as being able to continue with any sports or hobbies."