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photograph of Evdokia Michalopoulou

Evdokia Michalopoulou is a Department of English Literature alumna and studied an MA in Children's Literature here at the University of Reading. She now works as the Head of Classics at a mixed private school in East Anglia.

Finding likeminded thinking within our centre of excellence

The University of Reading entered Evdokia's radar after discussions with her best friend, who was already enrolled on the MA Children's Literature programme.

Hearing about her friend's experiences with the Graduate Centre for International Research in Childhood: Literature, Culture, Media (CIRCL) inspired Evdokia to apply herself.

"We were often engaged in discussions regarding ideas of childhood and psychoanalysis. I was immediately drawn to the CIRCL way of thinking and I decided to continue my studies in the field of Children's Literature."

Inspired to study under renowned academics

The opportunity to study the MA Children's Literature under an academic with an impressive reputation for her knowledge in the field was something Evdokia couldn't turn down.

"Professor Karin Lesnik-Oberstein was definitely critical to my choice of studying for an MA in Children's Literature. She encompasses for me all the qualities that an outstanding academic should have. She has inspired me on so many levels and I believe that I developed as a person and as a professional due to her influence."

Gaining confidence through supportive surroundings

Evdokia believes that her time at Reading has opened her mind to think in different ways and has given her the confidence to develop her career.

"My MA in Children's Literature and my CIRCL PhD with Professor Karin Lesnik-Oberstein, helped me to become not only knowledgeable in approaching texts in a unique, critical way, but also gave me the confidence to apply for the post of Head of Classics.

"The unique way of the CIRCL thinking helped me tremendously to think about people, situations and more importantly myself, in a very fruitful way.

"I have definitely become a far more perceptive person, which has always helped me in my role since I primarily deal with people, and more importantly I can inspire people to develop their skills and their thinking."

Recommended reading

During her time studying within the Department of English Literature, Evdokia most enjoyed her engagement with such amazing academics.

"Everyone in CIRCL is approachable, knowledgeable and always there to help and support."

When asked for her advice to other graduates considering the MA Children's Literature, Evdokia says "Do it! It is a life changing experience!"