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This is a list of our current students on the PhD in Applied Linguistics programme and the working title of the research topic they are undertaking:

  • Arwa Alsaby: Critical Discourse Analysis of hashtags discussing women driving in Saudi Arabia


  • Astrid Morrison: The effects of communicative functions of speaking tasks on speakers’ fluency in L1 and L2


  • Batool Alshehri: Becoming a writer: An ethnographic study of Saudi postgraduate students’ writers identity development in UK universities


  • Corne Ferreira: Development of English language proficiency among Dutch learners in transition from primary to secondary education


  • Dennia Chau: Language Ideologies in Social Media: The Case of ‘Fake ABC’ in Hong Kong


  • Dina Sibai: The right to drive: A multimodal corpus-assisted critical discourse analysis of Saudi women representations in the UK and Gulf news media


  • Elina Marigianni: The role of lexical fillers and epistemic markers in L2 oral ability


  •  Gonzalo Galian Lopez: The role of practice in the development of L2 grammatical knowledge


  • Hadil Alraddadi: Attrition in collocational knowledge among bilingual Arabic-English returnees


  • Haifa Alhumaid: Orthography in L2 phonology acquisition: The role of phonemic coding ability


  • Iwona Gibas: A critical and multimodal discourse analysis of stereotypical gender constructions of healthy body in food adverts


  • Ibrahim Alfaifi: Nativelikeness and intelligibility in pronunciation assessment


  • Jon Rowberry: An investigation of learner agency in a blended learning course designed to facilitate self-directed language learning


  • Kholood Alali: Investigating cognitive and linguistic variables that influence learning and production of formulaic sequences


  • Layal Alahmadi: Investigating Needs Analysis of Saudi Medical Students in ESP Context


  • Lena Grannel: An investigation of subject tutor feedback on student written in different disciplines


  • Maha Alzahrani: Commercial off-the-shelf Game in English as a Foreign Language Classroom


  • Mashael Althobiti: A cross-linguistic corpus-based study of the representations of Saudi women in British and Saudi papers


  •  Michal Korenar: The interaction between code- switching, cognitive control and creativity in bilinguals


  • Rana Alsabalan: The phonotactics of word-initial obstruent clusters in Najdi Arabi


  • Rosalba Ortiz Saenz: An investigation into the interplay between macro-level language policy discourse and classroom language use


  • Shatha Alaskar: Processing and memory retrieval interference in non-native sentence comprehension


  • Tuija Knowles: Academic’ professional online identities


  •  Zahra Hamadan: Bidirectional Transfer in the Acquisition of English Articles by Arabic-English Bilingual Adults and Children