Staff Profile:Dr Joo Young Jeon

Dr Joo Young Jeon
Job Title:
Lecturer in Economics
Areas of Interest:

Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization / Competition Policy, and Public Economics

Feedback and consultation hours:

  • Monday 10:30–12:30
  • Wednesday 11:00–12:00
Research groups / Centres:


Chowdhury, S.M., Jeon, J.Y., & Ramalingam, R. (2017). Property Rights and Loss Aversion in Contests, Economic Inquiry, Forthcoming

Chowdhury, S.M., Jeon, J.Y., & Saha, B. (2017). Gender Differences in the Giving and Taking Variants of the Dictator Game, Southern Economic Journal, Forthcoming



Chowdhury, S.M., Jeon, J.Y., & Ramalingam, A. (2016). Identity and Group Conflict, European Economic Review, 90, 107-121.



Chowdhury, S.M., and Jeon, J.Y. (2014). Impure Altruism or Inequality Aversion?: An Experimental Investigation Based on Income Effects, Journal of Public Economics, 118, 143-150


I am a researcher in the broad area of applied microeconomics with skills in designing and running experiments, analysing laboratory or field data with various appropriate econometric techniques. My research can broadly be segregated into two pathways. In the first pathway, I pursue behavioural and experimental research to understand social preference and conflict behaviour. The second pathway relates to Industrial Economics and Competition Policy in which I am investigating collusion, vertical relations and topics in anti-trust and consumer policies.

Before joining the University of Reading, I was a lecturer in Microeconomics at the University of East Anglia.



Contact Details

+44 (0) 118 378 6033
Edith Morley 178a

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