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Browser extensions for accessibility


Pixie browser extension is available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers.  Please note that you will be subjected to the terms and privacy policies of the providers.
Pixie Reader for Chrome | Pixie Reader for Edge | Lexia Reader for Firefox 

You can:

  • Read a page
  • Highlight text
  • Change the font (a set of Dyslexia friendly fonts available)
  • Make text bigger, bold or italics
  • Align text
  • Change text spacing (between lines, between words or between letters)
  • Screen Shader (adjust tint colour and brightness)
  • Reading Ruler (ADHD friendly)
  • Colour schemes (contrast, saturation) and many more!

Pixie Reader for Chrome features are demonstrated in the video Pixie: Accessibility and Productivity Reader for Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge / Mozilla Firefox


This short video demonstrates various features of Pixie that may help people with Dyslexia (UoR Account needed)