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Digital accessibility poster

This poster is created by Digital Accessibility Team at University of Reading as part of the "Look Again" digital accessibility campaign to increase awareness among our colleagues and it is available under CC license.

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Text version of the poster

Creating Accessible Content

Digital accessibility tips to make content work for all

Always use accessibility checking tools on your content e.g. Microsoft Word's Check Accessibility tool and Blackboard Ally. Avoid considering accessibility as a hice to have add on. It provides a better experience for all

Always make important information clear and easy to find by using a simple and consistent structure. Avoid complex or cluttered layouts, multi-layered menus or lists.

Always use sufficient colour contrast between text and background and clear fonts to help users with visual impairments. Avoid low colour contrasts, small text and serif, italics or script fonts.

Always provide text alternatives to nontext content e.g. alt text for images and transcripts for videos. Avoid using videos, images and other rich media without a text alternative.

Always write descriptive and meaningful hyperlinks or use a URL shortener to help screen reader users. Avoid using uninformative links such as ‘click here'.

Always use sentence case and heading styles rather than large bold text for titles. Avoid using text size, all capital letters and layout to convey structure, as these will not be picked up by assistive technologies.

Always Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian to obtain accessible scans of published work for reading lists. Avoid using images of text or scanned extracts of published work, as these do not work with screen readers and may be in breach of copyright.

More advice at:
This is part of the Look Again campaign, promoting the positive impact of accessible content. Find out more at

Creating accessible content by Digital Accessibility Team. To provide feedback on this poster or download a copy, you can access it at: This poster is based on Designing for diverse learners by Lee Fallin and Sue Watling at: