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Communicating feedback to users

You should provide users with feedback on the results of surveys and explain what actions will be taken following their feedback. This can be done by producing a feedback report.

The feedback report should include some key details, such as:

  • the aims of the survey
  • a summary of the findings
  • planned actions and priorities
  • how and when the survey was conducted and who took part
  • analysis of results
  • comments received from users (positive and areas for improvement)

For guidance, view a feedback report template.

You should publish the feedback report widely including on your office website and on the Feedback from User Surveys webpage.

Feedback should not be published if the survey deals with information and produces outcomes which are likely to be commercially sensitive or personal to individuals.

To create a link to your feedback report from the user surveys webpage, please contact Vicky Howard (, providing the URL of your feedback page or report.

Other methods of providing feedback

In addition to producing a feedback report, you may also wish to use other methods to communicate with users, such as:

  • feedback leaflets
  • posters
  • notices in the student newspaper
  • newsletters