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The institutional requirement to attend the Academic Practice Programme (APP) is determined by your contract of employment, as follows:

1. All full-time probationary academic staff; or

2. All part-time probationary academic staff whose contract of employment is 0.5 FTE or more; or

3. All staff at Grade 6 or above who hold substantive teaching and learning responsibilities and whose contract of employment is 0.5 FTE or more; or

4. All senior academic staff without a track record (normally 10 years or more) of relevant teaching experience and whose contract of employment is 0.5 FTE or more.

Length of contract of employment

Institutional attendance requirement

Permanent contract

APP required

Fixed-term contract of two or more years' duration

At least EDMAP1 required, and APP subject to availability*

Fixed-term contract of less than two years' duration**

EDMAP1 subject to availability*

*The compulsory taught sessions of the APP and its modules therein are delivered in intensive blocks only and there is only one entry point per year, with the expectation that participants will progress together as a cohort. EDMAP1 runs from January - July each year and EDMAP2 runs from March/April - July each year.

**If your contract of employment is renewed for a further period accumulating to a total of two or more years' employment, completion of the full APP programme is required subject to availability.

Those interested in participating on the APP (usually EDMAP1 only) who are not contractually required to do so, will need endorsement from the relevant Head of School / Department.