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School Directors of Postgraduate Taught Studies (PGT Directors)


Each School has a Director of Postgraduate Taught Studies to act as the key focal point for co-ordinating and championing PGT programme initiatives. Key features of the role will include:

  • Liaison and cooperation with colleagues, both within the School and across the University more widely, to develop PGT provision and promote recruitment.
  • To maintain oversight of the PGT programmes offered within the School and to ensure that quality assurance procedures are functioning effectively.
  • To provide leadership in the development and enhancement of PGT provision within the School, and to be actively involved in championing initiatives designed to:

- Improve the level of student recruitment onto postgraduate taught programmes;

- Increase levels of student satisfaction with postgraduate taught provision;

- Promote a more diverse student body, including the provision of programmes that are more easily accessible to in-career professionals seeking part-time and/or on-line modes of study;

See Responsibilities of PGT Directors for a full description of the role and responsibilities.

Lunchtime Meetings

Termly lunches are organised for PGT Directors and the agenda for each meeting is agreed in advance. Meeting dates can be found on UoRLearn (link above).

If you have any suggestions for future meetings please contact Alexandra Hayward

Current PGT Directors

Agriculture, Policy, and Development:

Sarah Cardey

Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science:

Anne Verhoef

Jess Neumann

Mary Lewis

Arts and Communication Design:

Gerry Leonidas

Lucia Nagib

Dominic Lees

Christine Ellison

Built Environment:

Maria Vahdati

Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy:

Food - Afroditi Chatzifragkou

Chemistry - Paz Vaqueiro

Food - Gunter Kuhnle

Pharmacy - Kat Hall

CIPPET - Barbara Mason


Nigel Wadesdon

English Languages and Applied Linguistics:

Tony Capstick

Film Theatre and Television:

Sarah Bartley


Classics - Andreas Gavrielatos

History - Rebecca Rist

- Rohan DebRoy

Philosophy - Sj Schroeder

Institute of Education:

Rebecca Berkley AND Jo Anne Reed Johnson - both using 

Rachel Roberts

Kat Hall


Ruvi Ziegler

Literature and Languages:

Karin Lesnik-Oberstein

Mark Nixon

John Scholar

Federico Faloppa

Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences:

Carmen Lam

Chris Holloway

Politics and International Relations:

Alan Cromartie

Giovanni Razzu

Steven Bosworth

Kerry Goettlich

Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences:

Kate Harvey (Psychology Postgraduate programmes)

Hannah Vickery (Charlie Waller Institute)

Henley Business School

Business Informatics and Accountancy - Yin Leng Tan

Finance - George Alexandridis

Business Informatics and Accountancy -Renata Stenka

Leadership Organisation and Behaviour - Keith Heron

Real Estate and Planning - Eamonn D'Arcy

Finance - Dina Ghanma

Marketing and Reputation - Ruby Zhang

- Rodrigo Perez Vega