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Head of School: Professor Phil Dash

Academic staff

Name Position Research interests
Dr Evangelos Delivopoulos Lecturer in Neural Engineering Stem cell culture, neuronal cultures on MEAs, 3D scaffolds, neural organoids, flexible neural implants, biomaterials
Dr Sillas Hadjiloucas Associate Professor Optics and optical sensors, spectroscopy, biomedical imaging analysis
Professor William Harwin Professor of Interactive and Human Systems The mathematics and engineering of interacting systems, including haptic control and rendering, wearable sensors for long-term healthcare analysis and dynamic models in cells and animals
Dr Yoshikatsu Hayashi Associate Professor Physics of complex systems and behavioural neuroscience, brain-computer interface, neurorehabilitation
Professor William Holdebaum Professor in Mathematics and Engineering 
Mathematics and engineering 
Professor Faustina Hwang Professor of Interactive Systems Design
Human-computer interaction, human-centred design, ageing, accessibility, health technology, haptics 
Professor Slawomir Nasuto Deputy Research Division Leader, Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
Neuroengineering, neurorehabilitation, brain-computer interfaces, biomedical signal processing, closed-loop neuroscience, computational neuroscience, nonlinear dynamics 
Eur Ing Professor R Simon Sherratt Director of Staff Teaching Development
Wearable smart technology for use in the management of falls in the home from people with Parkinson's disease, and for use in human emotion prediction
Professor Ying Zheng Professor in Systems Engineering and Neuroscience 

Electrophysiology, balance of neural excitation and inhibition, mathematical modelling of field potentials and EEG, brain and diet, the ageing brain

Postdoctorate research fellows, associates, assistants and visiting researchers

Name Position  Research interests
Guy Burroughes
Visiting Researcher   
Dr Soma Chakraborty  Visiting Researcher   
Dr Nilanjan Dey Visiting Fellow   
Dr Balazs Janko   Visiting Fellow Passive wireless sensors 
Dr Ozan Tokatli  Visiting Fellow Haptics, physical human robot interaction, robotics 

Emeritus and visiting professors
Name Position  Research interests
Professor Colin Baker Visiting Professor Head of Radiotherapy Physics at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Professor Rachel McCrindle (Emeritus)    
Professor Kevin Warwick (Emeritus)

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Athena SWAN Silver Award