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Yoshikatsu Hayashi

Portrait of Yoshikatsu Hayashi

Areas of interest

He is interested in physics of complex systems, behavioural science, and neuroscience; revealing

  1. Nonlinear dynamics governing adaptation behaviour in living creatures
  2. Closed loop of brain and body (neural networks and sensory-motor systems)
  3. Mathematical structure underlying behaviour and neural networks.

The significant investigation methods range over physical chemical experiments, behavioural experiments, EEG measurement and analysis, and mathematical modelling.

His aim is to reveal how the self-organisation of the closed loop system gives rise to spatio-temporal pattern formation in living and non-living systems, serving a certain function. Also, his aim is to understand brain networks coding motor coordination or cognition in the interaction with changing environment, or with the other members in the society.

Applying fundamental knowledge in science, he develops assistive robots for population with motor impairments, and bioinspired robots for severe environment. 


Dr Yoshikatsu Hayashi has received a BSc in Cell biology from University of Tokyo, Japan and a PhD in Statistical physics of soft matter from Lund University, Sweden.


Please find the projects in his lab homepage.  

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