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Ying Zheng

Portrait of Ying Zheng
  • +44 (0) 118 378 7635
  • Professor in Systems Engineering and Neuroscience

Areas of interest

Professor Ying Zhen  has been working in the interface of systems engineering and neuroscience for over 10 years. The main direction of her research is to develop mathematical models to understand neural and haemodynamic signals obtained from neuroimaging techniques such as microelectrodes, EEG, laser-Doppler flowmetry, optical imaging spectroscopy and fMRI. The mathematical models are based on physiological measurements (neural and haemodynamic), with the model parameters reflecting aspects of the underlying physiological processes. These mathematical models also generate testable hypotheses to guide the design of further physiological experiments and the refinement of these models.

Research projects

Professor Zheng is currently working on the development of:

  • Spatio-temporal models of local field potential recordings based on the balanced nature of neural excitation and inhibition, with potential applications to the interpretation of EEG recordings;
  • Dynamic models of neurovascular coupling, incorporating the underlying mechanisms of vessel dilation and constriction. This will enhance our understanding of the fMRI BOLD signals.
  • Dynamic models of blood vessels based on its visco-elastic properties. This is important not only to the interpretation of the fMRI BOLD signal, but also to our understanding of the functions of heart and circulatory system.


Professor Ying Zheng received her BEng and PhD from the University of Sheffield, UK. 


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