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GIIDAE: International Scholarship

Solongo Tumur, MSc in Agriculture and Development (2020)


What did you do before coming to Reading?

Prior to joining Reading, I worked for Arysta Lifescience Co, an agrochemical company, based in Japan as both an IPM Technical Consultant and a Technical Sales Representative. I have worked there for eight years, advising on the use of beneficial insect as a pest controlling method.

What are your career aspirations?

In the future, I wish to expand my career internationally and experience working in a number of different nations around the globe in unique and diverse situations. Also, I would like to contribute to the development of the horticultural sector in Mongolia by improving the standards of pesticides usages.

What interested you in your chosen area of study?

Now more than ever, the food industry is extremely important in sustaining livelihoods across the globe. As population levels dramatically increase and climate change factors worsen, the food sector has significant importance in addressing the issues of food security. I hope to contribute following on from the completion of my time at Reading.

Why did you choose Reading?

There were a number of factors that influenced by decision to join Reading. The main ones being the combination of the study environment offered within the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development and the excellent teaching available to students. Another factor was the School’s internationally recognised ranking - of 9th in the world (QS World Rankings 2020. When all of these factors are combined, it promises a high employment/ further study rate post-graduation.

How do you think this qualification will help you in the future?

Despite only being in Reading for two months, I have experienced some really interesting seminars and lectures and have been impressed by the depth of what is taught. I believe my qualification will not only boost my career prospects, but also help me to become a person who takes care in the world.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Reading?

I have really enjoyed meeting students from a range of diverse backgrounds who have such impressive experiences. Everyone within the Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics (GIIDAE) are respectful of each other's identity, experiences and thoughts. This is something that I regard as particularly important when joining a University. Despite the challenges raised by the ongoing pandemic, I am having regular online video calls with my course members where we discuss a range of relevant topics related to my course. These calls usually last up to three hours and are full of important discussion and lots of fun!

Would you recommend the programme to other students, if so why?

I would definitely recommend the programme to other students, particular to those have already gained work experience in the field but are now looking for an opportunity to focus on a particular area of study. For me, I have been thinking about studying in an English-speaking country for some time now to further improve my knowledge of both the English language and also the culture of the country. Besides the academic work, Reading offer a fantastic career service that is accessible to all students,

How has the Scholarship helped you?

For me, the finances were complicated, but thankfully the scholarship I was given eased some of that stress. This made my decision to join Reading somewhat of a no-brainer and I am so happy with my choice.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

The phrases that I was impressed to hear in some of my early seminars were:.

  • Do not suffer in silence. (Tell your module convenor or your academic tutor if you have any difficulties in learning)
  • We respect everyone’s voice. (People could be at a different level of learning, but don’t worry about sharing your thoughts or asking any questions).