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GIIDAE: India Scholarship

Manasvini Sundara Rajan, MSc in Consumer Behaviour (2021)


What did you do before coming to Reading?

Before joining the University of Reading, I studied a master's degree in marketing and human resources . I never knew there was a specialised course in consumer behaviour but when I saw there was an MSc in Consumer Behaviour at the University of Reading, I knew right away this was what I wanted to do.

What are your career aspirations?

I didn't have any particular aspirations until I came across the most exciting subject - consumer behaviour - as part of my studies. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do more and as a result, I now have a better idea of what I would like my career to look like in the future, as I want to become a market research analyst and hopefully start my own firm.

What interested you in your chosen area of study?

I found consumer behaviour very intriguing; the investigation, analysis, and understanding of the consumers' mind. This encouraged me to think and explore different aspects as I tried to understand how a consumer engages with, buys, and uses goods and/or services to satisfy their needs and wants.

Why did you choose Reading?

I chose the University of Reading because it offers the kind of programmes that would not only help me to develop as a professional, but also as an individual who is ready to take on the challenges in the real world. With the help of the renowned professors at this university, I was sure that I will be able to equip myself with advanced research skills. I knew that studying at Reading will act as a stepping-stone in fulfilling my aspirations as a forerunner in the field of consumer behaviour.

How do you think this qualification will help you in the future?

A passion for understanding an individual's mind from choosing and buying the product eventually turned into my career goal of becoming a market research analyst. To reach this goal, I believe an MSc in Consumer Behaviour will provide with me with key knowledge and understanding.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Reading?

Reading has been the most pleasant place to stay, It is so calm inside and outside the university which makes me feel so safe to be in Reading.

However, it is being on campus that I have enjoyed the most. I take long walks at the University in the evening which is so peaceful and beautiful and makes me cherish each day in Reading.

Would you recommend the programme to other students, if so why?

Yes, I would recommend this programme to other students who are interested in research. This programme gives you insights into what consumer behaviour is and allows you to conduct research on your own and implement the concepts and theories in your life. The support, care and concern shown by the faculty members also makes your learning experience more interesting and will make you feel more comfortable in sharing your thoughts in class.

How has the Scholarship helped you?

As an international student, I was lucky to receive this scholarship. It helped me concentrate on my academic studies and worry less about the financial burden. I am grateful for this scholarship.