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MSc Applied International Development

Cecilia Coccia – Financial Analysis and Planning Consultant, International Land Coalition

I graduated from the School of Agriculture, policy and Development in 2016 and I am now collaborating with the International Land Coalition (ILC), a global alliance of civil society and intergovernmental organisations working together to put people at the centre of land governance..

At the ILC I am a Financial Analysis and Planning Consultant, in which my job involves working with colleagues and our local counterparts to strengthen their organizational capacity with focus on their financial planning and management capacity. I support ILC members by helping them to adopt the best practices on budgeting and financial reporting that will build upon their financial capacities. This is a new area of interest for both our members and strategic partners that will help to promote mutual accountability and transparency among organisations. In addition, I assist my team with the management and enhancement of ILC online platforms, and with knowledge sharing within the membership.

From the beginning of my academic career I have dreamt about working within an International Organisation, and have focussed my attention and interests on subjects such as economic policy for developing countries, and management of agricultural projects.

I chose to study at the University of Reading as the Applied International Development programme offered an innovative learning experience, and its teaching system is designed to encourage students to actively participate in debates, lectures and seminars to expand their knowledge. The combination of lectures and lab sessions made for a varied and engaging course.

In addition, the flexibility to select modules which suit your interests allowed me to customise my Masters programme to my career aspirations. Module such as Gender and Development, Development Finance, and Global Environmental Change and Development have enriched me personally and professionally.

I would describe my time at Reading as inspiring, from the start I was surrounded by knowledgeable and talented faculty members and guest lecturers, who taught me to focus on opportunities rather than worries or limits, and contribute to knowledge rather than passively absorb it. I was also surrounded by wonderful friends and fellow students from all over the world who accompanied me on this journey and made me feel at home.

After having left the University I have been able to build upon my knowledge in economics and International Development and pursue stimulating work where I positively and effectively engage with team members and junior colleagues.

I would strongly encourage those who are still waiting for a life changing experience to invest in their future and join the Reading community. Every person you will meet there will somehow help you learn, practice and master your strengths and self-confidence.