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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Technical Services (EDITS)

Technical Services aims to be a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can feel a sense of belonging, fulfil their full potential and be valued and respected for who they are. A diverse and inclusive environment is one where you are confident that you can bring your whole self to work and be treated equally with your peers where differences are acknowledged and welcomed. These differences could be visible like gender, race, age, a visible disability; but also, less visible traits such as sexual orientation, personality type, some types of disabilities and neurodiversity, socio-economic background and education. We strive to include everyone in our workforce and ensure that all team members can experience equality of opportunity.

Team Member Stories


Mark McClemont - Senior Technician


I am Asexual and have been involved in some visibility work for A.V.E.N. (the Asexual Visibility and Education Network), of which I am a member.

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Paul Baker - Technical Manager


One of the things I really enjoy about Reading is the flexibility. For example, over the summer months I take advantage of flexible working hours.

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Natalie Franklin - Studio Support Technician


Natalie Franklin


The support I received from my manager and the policies surrounding disabled staff at the university have made it possible for me to stay working.

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Hong Lin - Senior Technician


Hong Lin 2


It was a great surprise to be nominated for a T.H.E. award ‘Outstanding Technician of the Year’. I was shortlisted and went on to win the award.

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Bilge Yerdelen - Health and Safety Co-ordinator


Bilge Yerdelen


With the support of family I made the decision to start a new life and career. I feel grateful and happy in an inclusive and supportive environment.

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May Martins - Ancillary Technician



As a part time worker I have been able to network and build not only a professional network but also a community amongst my fellow team members. 

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Wayne Knight - Senior Technician


I began Shared Parental Leave in March 2018, I would recommend more dads to take advantage of SPL because the time I had off was so special to me.

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Andrew Cripps - Technical Head


I was really pleased to be able to take four weeks childbirth support leave, and make the most of this opportunity in those early crucial weeks.

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Matt Watt - Trainee Electrical Technician


I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to receive hands-on training from highly experienced members of the Technical Services Operations team.

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Alice Tordoff - Trainee Technician


As a Neurodivergent (A.D.H.D.) individual it is wonderful to work in a place that is so understanding and considerate of my needs and difficulties.

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Athena Swan Silver Award


Technical Services has become the first professional services team in the country to gain a national charter mark for its commitment to gender equality. The team was awarded a Silver Athena Swan mark by Advance HE in March 2023 after professional services were made eligible for recognition in 2022. Achieving Silver represents a high level of engagement and progress in reducing the barriers to gender equality, including consideration, for Technical Services, of how gender equality intersects with race.

You can read more on the University website here: Silver gender equality award for Technical Services - University of Reading

Or on the Advance HE website here: First technical directorate awarded Athena Swan | Advance HE (


Athena Swan


Athena Swan Charter | Advance HE


If you would like a copy of our application please contact